Restaurants Pay You to Dine when they're Slow!

Now Launching in Upstate New York

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Or... Step into ExtraServings' Future:

Enjoy an Extra Serving
...every time you Eat Out!

Some restaurants are busy at Lunch. Some for Dinners on the Weekend. Some only on Tuesday Karaoke night.
Every Restaurant is Different.

ExtraServings matches them with flexible diners like you.

They keep their seats filled.

You get a bonus of at least 20%.

Talk about Win Win!

What is an ExtraServing?

ExtraServings are e-gift certificates that contain a bonus value. Restaurants only offer you this bonus - this EXTRA SERVING - if you visit on the day and time agreed. At any other time, an ExtraServing certificate is the same as a regular e-gift certificate - it's worth what you paid.

New Feature

Now you can Rebook your ExtraServings!

Can't make your reservation? Don't want to miss out on the bonus? Now you can rebook your ExtraServing with as little as one day's notice!

How to Get an ExtraServing


Give Us your Wishlist

Tell us what you want: the Cuisine, the Date, and whether it's for Lunch or Dinner. Same day requests are fine!


Narrow it Down

We'll show you matching restaurants in your area, who will give you a bonus to dine with them.


How Many People?

ExtraServings Certificates come in multiple sizes, depending on the restaurant you choose.

ExtraServings come in multiple sizes, from 'Lunch for 2' to 'Dinner for 8'. Prices vary by restaurant.

The Bigger the Certificate, the Bigger the Bonus!

Stop Paying Retail!