Business Update: June, 2021

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What Went Down in May, 2021

What a month it's been! From front to back, ExtraServings moved forward by leaps and bounds in May. In the spirit of openness, and to keep myself accountable, I'll be making a status update post like this every month going forward. Thanks for dropping by - don't forget to check in again whenever you're free.

And with that, let's start the first of many monthly updates!


The Website

TBH, the website is marketing, pure and simple. All transactions happen through the app, but you have to hear about us, right? So how did I do on the website?

The Website went live.

It's likely that you haven't visited the website before - ever since COVID hit, it's been dormant, and has had a big "WE'RE CLOSED!" banner on every page. In the last few days, the banner has been removed, the new site went live, and I think it looks pretty amazing if I do say so myself.

Tech details:

If you have any suggestions on how to make it even better, please drop me a line! Expect listing to start going up in June, and if everything goes well, July may be the month we achieve lift-off.

The App

Everything happens in-app, both for members and for restaurants. New this month:

Transactions work!

You can now pay - an important milestone indeed! Failure modes such as card declines, plus Apple Pay & Google Wallet, are on tap for this month.

Restaurants can get paid!

This month I cracked the code that lets merchants (our restaurant partners) sign up with Stripe, our merchant processor, so that money flows automatically to them. It sounds basic, and it really is basic functionality. It's done. Yay!


It's great to be coming out of this pandemic, ready to get started with what could very well be a completely new way to experience dining out. See you soon!