They Say Everybody Needs a Blog

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Everybody Needs a Blog

Snarky, sassy, and usually without purpose. Sometimes shy, always boring. This is the obligatory first post from our blog. The rest will be interesting - promise! But for now, this is just here to test. As you were, Canada!

Sometimes there's more.

Not always, but sometimes. Can you tell we need some extra text to make sure we go past the end of the page? We do. It's obvious. In fact it's kind of sweet the way this guy with very few design skills is using the length of text to test various features of the site. Others would actually know what they're doing but this guy is working with his muscle memory.

Muscles? Hah! This guy has no muscles. He sits alone in his basement, like the guy from the Pickle movie, spending years and years on a fruitless project that nobody will want.

But in this case everybody who has seen it loves it. Now, do we have enough content to scroll yet?